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Steady Work; Space Gallery


I was very privileged to be included in the "Steady Work" Show at Space Gallery. The show was a collection of artists who are all employed as sign painters, and who employ sign painting techniques in their own artwork. The Show consisted on Jimmy "Spike" Birmingham. Patrick Corrigan, FrissoJosh Luke, Kenji Nakayama, and myself. Heres some photos of the show courtesy of Bret Labelle Photography:



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Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 8.27.09 PM.png

Traditional Sign Maker Magazine

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This Month I was honored to be featured on "Traditional Sign Maker Magazine

Traditional Sign Maker Magazine is an online magazine devoted to the craft of traditional sign making. It is a collaborative effort between active sign makers all over the world who contribute articles, how-to’s and photo archives of their work.

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